OVERVIEW: The Client faced with the issue of maintaining the high-loaded growing system (2 000 000 unique pages, about 400 clients, more than 2 000 users) - the used web solution, consisted of multiple ad-hoc applications, became out of date and required an increase of investments in supporting. In order to stop the growing cost of maintaining separate solutions for different online products and services it was made the decision to migrate to a new global platform, creating the new architecture, as well as to enhance multiple online products. The important purpose was the downsizing and refactoring of legacy code in order to optimize the cost on server side and to radically improve the performance of the entire platform and thereby create a new level of customer experience.

SOLUTION: DigiTech7 provided services of new digital products development with simultaneous support of the current platform and subsequent data & processes migration.

TECH STACK: .NET Framework; .NET Core; Docker; SQL Server; No SQL DB; HTML, CSS (with SASS), JavaScript, Knockout.js; Optimizely (Episerver), Solr, MS Dynamics CRM.