OVERVIEW: The Client needed to replace the old website and requested a new solution including continuous support and maintenance, in order to launch a new market program. The previous corporate website struggled with a lot of inconsistencies in the way navigation was handled, as well as the overall design, look-and-feel and user experience between pages. The new solution should help: to increase traffic to the site, enhance the customer experience, simplify and optimize the workflow of the web editors, clarify the branding structure based on mother brand and sub-brands, reduce the cost of support and improve overall performance.

SOLUTION: The first and significant step of the project was building the architecture of the corporate web solution. Under a rather tight deadline of 6 months the new website was developed, which is built on Optimizely (Episerver) DXP and has a decoupled front-end and back-end systems - they are managed independently and are isolated from each other offering a flexible and modular solution. In order to make the new web product fast and responsive, it is based on cloud technologies. A customer-centric design, based on consistent user experience, enables the client to capture more sales.

TECH STACK: Optimizely (Episerver), EpiFind, C#, JavaScript, React, Redux, Typescript, Next.js.